Cold Hunter One: Loading the Sled

A careful loading of the sled to make sure nothing is missing, ensure fuel is protected and won’t leek into food, and that the weight is distributed properly.

Cold Hunter One: Packs, Stuff Sacks & Staying Warm

One key tip when on a winter expedition: get stuff sacks that are large enough! There’s nothing worse than fighting to stuff your sleeping bag, your food bag or your backpack at camp into too small of a sack with frozen fingers. What might have seemed right in your toasty living room during the planning stage will be a nightmare out there in the extreme cold. We use an 80L Granite Gear backpack and their super tough compression sacks – they even make a 50L one for our huge winter sleeping bag system. Thanks Granite Gear for being so good at what you do! In an ever changing climate, where temperatures can swing from a dry deep freeze to a humid near freezing day in just 24hrs, we need insul

Cold Hunter One: Gear Prepping

Rigging your sled correctly can make a huge difference in your perceived effort level and degree of suffering while traveling for days on the glacier. With years of experience lashing komatiks in Greenland, Siberia and the Northwest Passage, pulling sleds to the North Pole and carrying cabin building supplies on the roof of his car – Lonnie sure knows how to tie knots and lash a sled. This vital skill is necessary, as taking your gloves off in extreme cold is simply not an option. Check out these tips from the two for your next adventure: Three key tips for rigging and lashing the sled: 1. Tie a bridle to your sled to form a triangle, place a ring at the top of the triangle, it should be fix

Cold Hunter One: Food Prep

Food, the best part of the day! I love my meals and over the years have created a nice roster of favorites. My meals have a careful balance of: ease of cooking, lightweight, heartiness, ease of digestion, and savoriness. Here’s my mashed potatoes dish; the goat milk adds fat and energy to keep me warm. The peas and corn, although they don’t add much nutrition, give dinner some texture. Back in 1989, when I was on an expedition in northern Russia, I discovered a delicious dark rye. Now, years later, I worked with local wood fired oven baker Caleb – The Ginger Breadman to recreate it. Rich with stout beer, cocoa, coffee, honey, molasses, ¾ parts rye to ¼ part whole wheat and a sourdough cult

Lucania: Carbon Offsets

It's no secret that glaciers have been retreating and thinning over the centuries. Because glacial age ranges from a few hundred to several thousands of years, they are prime mediums for observing the impact of climate change. By checking out crevasse dynamics, fractures caused by stresses of movement, we can see that when the ice shifts and meltwater flows into them, the deeper the cracks on the surface of the shelf will become. Due to the observed state of the cross-cutting crevasses on Dennis Glacier in the Yukon and the impassable Washburn-Bates route to Lucania, we know climate change is happening. But we can do something about it. Photo: Dennis glacier - heavily crevassed approach to M

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