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Cold Hunter One: Packs, Stuff Sacks & Staying Warm

One key tip when on a winter expedition: get stuff sacks that are large enough! There’s nothing worse than fighting to stuff your sleeping bag, your food bag or your backpack at camp into too small of a sack with frozen fingers. What might have seemed right in your toasty living room during the planning stage will be a nightmare out there in the extreme cold.

We use an 80L Granite Gear backpack and their super tough compression sacks – they even make a 50L one for our huge winter sleeping bag system.

Thanks Granite Gear for being so good at what you do!


In an ever changing climate, where temperatures can swing from a dry deep freeze to a humid near freezing day in just 24hrs, we need insulation we can count on - one that can keep us warm and dry both when it’s cold and when it’s damp. PrimaLoft offers a range of synthetic insulated garments and accessories that are light, warm and do just that.

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