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It doesn’t have to be just a dream.

Live simply, to live.  A grassroots lifestyle has brought purpose and richness to my life; one where time can be spent on my passion for exploration and the protection of our planet. Exploring cold and remote places has fostered a profound love of wild spaces – that is what drives me to strive for a simple, eco-conscious life. By finding ways to improvise, to innovate, to be resourceful, to choose quality over quantity in both materials and experiences, we can consume less.   By investing our energy into living simply, we can focus on the things that matter most. We can get out there, we can forge that respect for Earth, we can raise awareness, we can live; it is our small contribution


Things we try to live by to enrich our lives and to help minimize climate change.

How can I do what makes me happy? Try these:


  • Quality over quantity: both for material things and for experiences

  • Little stuff = little problems. Big stuff = big problems (mortgage, credit debt, etc.)

  • Focus on living simply so you can have more time and energy for the things that matter to you

  • Be resourceful, improvise, innovate, be self sufficient 

  • Buy stuff that lasts and is multipurpose

Run your own life:

  • Don’t just be… BE!

  • Have purpose

  • Shift to a healthy lifestyle, it’s good for mind and planet

  • Exemplify, a happy healthy lifestyle is contagious

  • Spend more time outdoors, be active

  • Surround yourself with like-minded folks

  • Put the same amount of energy into learning to live with less money as you currently invest into making money.

Helpful sites:


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