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Experience the adventure of polar travel and how climate change is affecting the globe firsthand with a dynamic multi-media presentation by explorer and mountaineer Lonnie Dupre. The talk will highlight the challenges of climbing Denali aka Mount McKinley, North America’s highest peak solo and in winter. The presentation will also touch on expeditions around Greenland and to the North Pole.

Join Lonnie as he shares life on the trail with special emphasis placed on setting and achieving goals, teamwork, overcoming obstacles and climate change. Breathtaking images, along with video, Arctic gear and a variety of other props complement the power point presentation.

Dupre, who lives in Grand Marais, Minnesota, has over 15,000 miles of Arctic expedition travel by dogsled, ski, and by kayak. While using non-motorized means of travel, he has lead several major expeditions including: the Russian Far East, first west to east winter crossing of Canada’s Northwest Passage, first and only circumnavigation of Greenland’s 6500-mile coastline and two North Pole expeditions.

His talks can be adapted to any level, age and time schedule. Generally, a 60 minute program consists of a 10 minute introduction along with “show and tell” items from the expedition. 40 minutes of breathtaking slides and video and a 10 minute question and answer period follow this.

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Selected Speaking Experience:


  • Academy of Natural Sciences – Philadelphia, PA

  • Royal Geographic Society – London

  • Danish Polar Center – Denmark

  • The Explorers Club – Great Lakes Chapter Annual Meeting – Washington D.C.

  • 3M Corporation- Cottage Grove, MN

  • Cornell University – Mount Vernon, IA

  • Aspen Institute’s Environmental Forum – Aspen, CO

  • Minnesota Science Teachers Conference at the DECC – Duluth, MN

  • West Digital – Orange County, CA

  • Congressman Keith Ellison – Energy Independence Forum – Mpls, MN

  • St. Olaf College – Northfield, MN

“You have our deepest admiration and thanks for showing us the potential of what can be accomplished through working together.”
- -3M General Offices, Saint Paul, Minnesota

“You truly captivated the audience with your stunning slides, stories and display of your expedition clothing.”
–St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota

“Your talk was thoroughly enjoyed by all and you certainly managed to convey not only the great difficulties of your journeys, but also something of the essence of the place; its scale, its inhospitable environment and its haunting beauty.”
–Royal Geographic Society, London, England

“Lonnie is one of those rare individuals who is a doer. He has the organizational skills that are necessary to put an idea or dream into action. He knows the frustrations of refusal and rejection …. and one of his greatest assets is his ability to keep positive against great odds.”
–Will Steger

Run Time: Approximately 1 Hour 

Cold Love Film:

Cold Love reveals the dramatic beauty and life-giving forces of our earth’s frozen places. When viewed up close, both the breathtaking majesty and the heartbreaking fragility of this world is clear for all to see. And in the seeing, we can’t help but be inspired to love and protect our earth’s frozen places, which regulate the global climate and provide a stable environment.

For the past 3 decades, Arctic explorer Lonnie Dupre has traveled — by dogsled, skis and kayak — more than 15,000 miles throughout the High Arctic and polar regions. His life-long love of the Arctic and the knowledge he has gained by traveling and living with the Inuit people has led him to pursue one aim: advocating for these fragile Arctic environments that impact the well being of the whole planet.



Featured Video Clips:



If you are interested in having Lonnie Dupre as a keynote speaker please contact us.

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