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Cold Hunter One: Food Prep

Food, the best part of the day! I love my meals and over the years have created a nice roster of favorites. My meals have a careful balance of: ease of cooking, lightweight, heartiness, ease of digestion, and savoriness.

Here’s my mashed potatoes dish; the goat milk adds fat and energy to keep me warm.

The peas and corn, although they don’t add much nutrition, give dinner some texture.


Back in 1989, when I was on an expedition in northern Russia, I discovered a delicious dark rye. Now, years later, I worked with local wood fired oven baker Caleb – The Ginger Breadman to recreate it. Rich with stout beer, cocoa, coffee, honey, molasses, ¾ parts rye to ¼ part whole wheat and a sourdough culture, this unique recipe is sure to keep me fuelled on Hunter. Yummy!

Reach out to Caleb for more info on his brick oven building business at

A big thanks to my friend Buck, who had the laborious task of slicing up these 15 loaves after we dried them to biscotti-like texture. Having something crunchy on expedition when so much of my food is soft is always welcome.

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