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Cold Hunter One: Launch

Dupre prepares for another winter climb.

Mount Hunter (14,573 ft) is the steepest and most technical of the three great peaks in Denali National Park. It is also known as the most difficult 14,000 foot peak in North America.

The first winter ascent of Mt. Hunter took place in March of 1980 by a three person team. No one has yet to succeed at a solo ascent of this mountain during the winter.

Starting January 7, 2019, Lonnie Dupre will attempt to complete the first solo winter ascent of Mt. Hunter. With limited daylight in the sub-arctic, much of the camping and some of the climbing will be carried out in the dark.

“Being alone, crevasses, and steep sustained climbing pose the greatest challenge

for this climb; high winds and extreme cold will also be big obstacles.” - Dupre

Dupre’s projected route is marked in red. Once through the ice falls, the crux of the climb will be the 3,000 foot, 50 to 60 degree couloir called the Ramen. From advanced base camp stationed at 8,000 feet, Dupre will shuttle supplies up the first 2,000 feet of the Ramen. Then, once in position on the ridge at 11,200 feet and with a good weather forecast, he will make a push to the summit and back. A stable window of good weather is paramount to the success of the climb due limited supplies on the ridge. The expedition is expected to take 19 days.

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