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October 2016



In Nepal, mountains dominate the landscape of most of the nation, living up to the Sanskrit meaning of Himalayas: "abode of the snow.” This extensive mountain range includes 9 of the 10 tallest mountains on earth. The Government of Nepal has recently opened several areas containing numerous 20,000 foot unclimbed peaks, which will be the focus of this five week expedition.


• Attempt the first ascent of Dwijen Himal 20,050 feet and Langju 20,885 feet. Both are gnarly unclimbed, stand-alone peaks in the central Himalayas.

• Volunteer and help raise funds (over 20K has already been raised through the expedition) for The Rose International Fund for Children ( Work is done primarily for hearing and visually  impaired students. TRIFC’s mission is to improve the lives of children with disabilities in Nepal.

• Collect high altitude snow and ice samples for Adventurers & Scientists for Conservation for studies on rapid glacial recession. Work in cooperation with The Snow Leopard Conservancy to gather information and evidence of snow leopards in areas where the climbers travel.






































Lonnie Dupre’s history of mountaineering and polar explorations guarantees significant media exposure to this project. His recent solo ascent of Denali in January garnered 2+ million social media impressions mainly through and Facebook with direct exposure of his sponsors.  Most of his corporate sponsors have continued their support for many years. The successful completion of Dupre's expeditions earned two TV appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Good Morning America, CNN and ABC World News, as well as printed exposure in the New York Times, Outside Magazine, LA Times and more.  








































Lonnie Dupre, Pascale Marceau, Elías de Andrés Martos, & Bridget Schletty will be the driving force behind this expedition. Supported by others as needed, they will be the ones making the decisions and taking the risks. They are all highly skilled and experienced climbers who have successfully and happily climbed together.








































Lonnie Dupre was born in 1961 and raised on a Minnesota country farm. He is descended on his mother’s side from Jacques Cartier, the French explorer and founder of Quebec. A natural explorer from a very young age, he has 25 years of expeditions under his belt, most recently the first successful solo summit of Denali in January. Lonnie currently lives in Grand Marais, Minnesota enjoying woodworking and backcountry skiing in the Quetico/Boundary Waters Wilderness of the Minnesota/Canadian border area.




• NG Adventure - Best of Adventure

• Rolex Award for Enterprise

• Polartec Challenge Award, 2000 & 2001

• Elected Fellow, National Explorers Club

• Winter Olympics, Oslo, Norway

• Soviet “Sportsman’s Medal”




• In a team of two, Dupre completed the

first west to east, 3000 mile winter

crossing of Canada’s famed Northwest

Passage by dog team.

• Achieved the first circumnavigation of

Greenland, a 6,500 mile, all nonmotorized

journey by kayak and dog team.

• Lonnie has pulled sleds on skis from Canada to the North Pole twice

achieving over 68 million impressions worldwide on issues surrounding

climate change.

• Dupre accomplished the first solo summit of Denali in January.





Elías de Andrés Martos grew up in the foothills of the "Sierra de Guadarrama" mountains of Spain. Astonished by the offerings of the mountains, Elías rejected a well-established family business of three generations,

the expectation to satisfy traditional obligations, and

the comforts of a predictable life for the sole purpose

of finding himself (and whatever is "up there")in the

mountains. As a young athlete he understood the

concept of "disciplined training" as a means for

overcoming difficulties and pursuing objectives.

Today he is a professional guide from the ice of

 the Rocky Mountains to the peaks of the

Andes and Alaska.



• Mount Rainier: 60+ Summits via 7 Routes.

• Himalaya: Shishapangma Central (26,290’) without

oxygen. One expedition of Dhualagiri.

• Alaska: 4 expeditions of Denali/Mount McKinley.

• Aconcagua.

• Europe: Ascents in the Alps ( Mt. Blanc du Tacull,

P. Aiguille Verte,

Aiguille du Tour )and Spanish Pyrenees.

• All 54 Colorado Fourteeners.



Pascale Marceau was born and raised in Sudbury, ON and  later called Ottawa home.  Her stomping grounds were the Adirondacks, NY and the Green Mountains of Vermont where she discovered backcountry skiing and mountaineering.
Pascale is a natural adventurer and explorer who loves
her map and compass: the tougher and more remote,
the better! Pascale has recently transitioned to a life
of engineering consulting and now lives in the
Canadian Rockies where she is focusing on
climbing and alpinism. Pascale volunteers
her time course-setting for adventure races
and promoting excellence in sports and
academia with Canadian youth.



• Peruvian Andes: Several 5,000m and 6,000m peaks

• Bolivian Andes: Several 5,000m peaks

• Himalayas: Lobuche East (6119m)

• Utah/Arizona: Several technical canyon descents (No Bolt Ethic)

• Baffin Island: Auyuittuq Traverse

•  Alaska: Haines Pass & White Pass ski expedition; solo traverse + packraft descent



Bridget Schletty was born and raised in St.Paul, Minnesota. While studying abroad in Spain in 2002, she was introduced to the challenge of negotiating mounds of rock and ice, it was then that she began to seek opportunities

to venture into the mountains. Bridget has worked many

years as a language teacher, coach, and trip leader,

exploring with her students both the local wilderness

& Hispanic cultures abroad. Currently she spends

winters in Ouray, CO working as a Spanish translator,

and summers in Ashford, WA as a staff member for

RMI Expeditions. Whether biking, climbing, skiing, 

or dashing through the woods, Bridget is always

up for outdoor adventure and

athletic challenge.




• Himalaya: Summit of Shishapangma(26,290’) without

oxygen or Sherpas; 2-week solo trek in the Khumbu Valley,

including 3 mountain passes and 3 ascents of peaks of

5,000m; Dhaulagiri Expedition Team Member.

• Aconcagua.

• Peruvian Andes: Several 5,000m and 6,000m peaks.

• Argentinian Andes: Several 5,000m and 6,000m peaks.

• Climbed all 54 Colorado Fourteeners.

• Several summits of Mount Rainier.


Stevie Anna Plummer - Project Manager/Logistics/PR & Social Media

"I grew up in the woods of Oregon, the deserts
of Texas and ended up in the heart of the
wilderness of Alaska. An avid adventurer,
I spend my time traveling the world to explore
other cultures."

She has been project coordinator for
One World Endeavors since 2011 working in
logistics, fundraising, marketing and public


"I create content for clients through articles,
photographs, and gear testing thus marrying my free spirit with freelance. I match potential candidates to companies for brand ambassador programs, sponsorship, logistics, and fundraising."


Mission: To help clients achieve their most ambitious marketing goals and strategic communications objectives through knowledge and creativity. To connect clients with the most potential of audiences through media channels.




Join the Team



  • 23 day guided through the Manaslu Circuit by the Vertical Nepal team.

  • All food and lodging, ground transportation.

    Please contact us for more details on gear list, etc.



Founder of One World Endeavors: Lonnie Dupre 218-370-2015


Project Coordinator/PR: Stevie Plummer 503-871-3387

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