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Run Time: Approximately 1 Hour 



Cold Love Film:


Cold Love reveals the dramatic beauty and life-giving forces of our earth’s frozen places. When viewed up close, both the breathtaking majesty and the heartbreaking fragility of this world is clear for all to see. And in the seeing, we can’t help but be inspired to love and protect our earth’s frozen places, which regulate the global climate and provide a stable environment.


For the past 3 decades, Arctic explorer Lonnie Dupre has traveled — by dogsled, skis and kayak — more than 15,000 miles throughout the High Arctic and polar regions. His life-long love of the Arctic and the knowledge he has gained by traveling and living with the Inuit people has led him to pursue one aim: advocating for these fragile Arctic environments that impact the well being of the whole planet.



Life on Ice, an incredible adventure read that recounts Dupre’s life with the Inuit people and his travels by dog sled, ski and kayak. 


This book covers 25 years of Dupre’s polar exploration, including the world’s first circumnavigation of Greenland and One World Expedition, a summer expedition to the North Pole that reached 68 million people worldwide. He has also worked with and gathered data for organizations such as the National Geographic Society, Greenpeace, the Explorers Club, the National Snow and Ice Data Center and the U.S. Department of Atmospheric Sciences. 


In these decades of Arctic travel, defying death countless times, Dupre reveals the secret of survival in a world with quickly shifting weather patterns: respecting nature in all its elements, and living in sync with the world we inhabit. The guiding force behind Life on Ice is the same as the impetus for Dupre’s expeditions: the desire to make a difference in the world.


*The book includes a 32-page color insert of extraordinary Arctic images, a full expedition map insert and is autographed.

This is your chance to get your hands on an autographed copy of Lonnie Dupre's first book. Greenland Expedition: Where Ice Is Born is an illustrated account of a 15-month expedition by dog sled and kayak around Greenland -- a 3,200-mile odyssey using traditional modes of transport. With hundreds of excellent large color photographs, maps, and a forward by fellow-Minnetosan and dog man Will Steger. 


Author, adventurer Lonnie Dupre readily confesses that the spirit of adventure lives strong within his soul. And over the years he has answered its beckoning call many times. But none of those adventures compare to the 15 months he and fellow explorer, John Hoelscher spent kayaking and dog sledding their way around the unexplored wilderness of Greenland. From cover to cover, this book is filled with breathtaking photographs that tell the visual story and help bring to life this extraordinary and dramatic real-world adventure. 



From Publishers Weekly:A 15-month-long attempt to circle Greenland by canoe, backpack, sea kayak and dogsled may not be the average person's idea of a vacation, but for Dupre it was the culmination of a lifelong fascination with the Arctic. Having ventured through northern Canada, Lapland and the Russian Far East, Dupre and his Australian copilot, John Hoelscher, planned the "mind-numbing logistics of attempting a contiguous 4,700 mile clockwise circumnavigation of the island." Leaving friends and family behind, the pair experienced the best and worst that a hard-core endurance test like this can present: exhilarating highs through the rarely seen, surreal ice world of Greenland's shores and the immense challenges of logistical problems, fatigue, sudden storms and the ever-present threat of being buried alive in a sudden avalanche. Dupre's day-to-day journal is a taut, carefully worded narrative that honestly presents both the joys and pains of the trip and his partnership with Hoelscher ("It's hard to be patient at 50 below"). 


The oversize book is amply illustrated with Dupre's wonderful photographs from all parts of the adventure, and the narrative is cleverly broken up by one-page background essays on subjects ranging from kayaks, dog teams, icebergs and polar bear hunters; these allow Dupre to give the reader a greater sense of Arctic exploration and Greenland's culture without slowing down the survival narrative. The book reveals Dupre and his partner to be extraordinary individuals; their desire to explore Greenland has produced not only a testament to human endurance but also a remarkable view of a part of the planet most people will never see, much less visit. (May) Copyright 2000 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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