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Lucania: Moving Away from Base Camp

The team sent word via Globalstar SatFi last night that they left base camp Saturday. Despite the high winds and light snow leading to poor visibility, they managed to move all gear to advance base camp, a distance of 1463m/4800ft, almost 500ft short of a mile. In addition to this haul, they completed one shuttle up towards the ridge, maneuvering crevasses along the way and spotting new ones up top. The two are happy with what they accomplished so far. They're still fighting pesky altitude headaches as they acclimate to the ascent, now nestled at 3069m/10067ft.

Today, they plan to ferry loads to the top of the ridge in snow showers, still over nine miles from Steele’s 5073m/16664ft summit. Keep tabs as we hear more from the mountain.

Photo: Sent by Pascale on Globalstar SatFi. Lonnie pulling sleds and breaking trail through chilling temps around -8F/-22C, with Mt. Logan just behind. Thanks to Lead Sponsor Primaloft's insulation for making the treks comfortable.

See their SPOT location from last night's camp:

Lucania - A Frigid First

Latitude: 60.97968 Longitude: -140.16702 GPS location Date/Time: 01/20/2018 17:05:04 AKST Message: All OK Click the link below to see where I am located.

If the above link does not work, try this link:,-140.16702&ll=60.97968,-140.16702&ie=UTF8&z=12&om=1 Ready for Adventure


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