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Lucania: 9,700 Ft

Lonnie and Pascale checked in last night with a call and Spot location from camp. The pilot was unable to land at any of their preferred locations, as the area had too many crevasses with hardly any snow. They were dropped off at the only landing spot in sight on Thursday, east and at a higher altitude than originally anticipated (roughly 9704ft /2958m).

Photo: Pascale with big smiles on the fly-in via pilot John Ostashek, Rocking Star Adventures.

During the call, they reported their change of plans, now attempting a climb of Mt. Steele via the Southeast Ridge. Despite pounding headaches and altitude challenges which lead them to stay put yesterday, the duo is in high spirits. Their plan today is to get on top of the ridge and sleep low. Stay tuned as we hear more from the mountain.

Track log from flight to landing spot (Start) via pilot John Ostashek, Rocking Star Adventures Ltd. See Mt. Steele labeled just northeast of Mt. Lucania.

Rough landing location in relation to planned landing spots.

Spot location of the last two night's camp.

Lucania - A Frigid First Latitude: 60.96729 Longitude: -140.17616 GPS location Date/Time: 01/19/2018 16:20:01 AKST Message: All OK Click the link below to see where I am located. If the above link does not work, try this link:,-140.17616&ll=60.96729,-140.17616&ie=UTF8&z=12&om=1 Ready for Adventure


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