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Greenland 2022: Building A Team

We managed to get 11 furry companions for our upcoming expeditions starting in March. I hope to acquire 2 more. They are a mix of wild and friendly, biters and lickers. Most are skinny right now having spent most of the winter enduring Polar night, cold and little food.

They are getting extra food now and fat to keep them warm. I will give then vaccinations and dewormers to make sure they stay healthy. Once we get the komatik (dog sled) built and lashed we will go out on short runs, progressing to longer trips.


Special thanks to The Rolex Institute, Granite Gear, Wintergreen Northern Wear, Hilleberg the Tentmaker, Midwest Mountaineering, PrimaLoft, Greenland Documentary, Sachtler, The Vitec Group plc


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