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Alaska Range 2023 | Day 7 Wind Storm

Sometimes the forecast is not fully accurate. A windy day was forcasted for yesterday with winds to 20mph. Lonnie had decided to wait it out - good thing he did. Winds turned out to be MUCH stronger than forecasted, up to maybe 40-50mph. Good thing his tent was securely anchored with 3 anchor points onto the icy couloir.

Although his message got cut off, I suspect he will be doing an attempt today to get to 12,000ft, up the technical crux of the climb. This is the big day!

Pascale admiring the Kahiltna Glacier in the distance. Image from the 2019 winter attempt at same elevation that Lonnie currently is camped, but on an alternate route. His tent is currently anchored on a steep, icy couloir.


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