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Yukon: Planning for Wind

Last year, the team was surprised to experience blue bird days with great visibility... marred by high winds, making an otherwise perfect travel day completely impossible due to extreme wind chills.

Good wind protection is paramount to the success of this expedition. The team is using anoraks made of a double wind shell fabric that is highly resistant to wind yet breathable to avoid moisture/frost build up.

The unique design of the anorak allows moisture from your body to travel outwards through the inner and outer layer yet keep strong wind out. Any moisture that collects as frost between the layers,(which are not sewn together at the bottom) can easily be shaken out at the end of the day, leaving you and your clothing dry for the next day.

Also, the inner layer is made of a slippery fabric, which makes it easy to slip on and off over all your bulky insulated layers.

Most importantly, the anoraks are outfitted with a good fur ruff to protect ones face from frost bite.

Thanks to Wintergreen and PrimaLoft, we are bundled up and ready to climb!

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