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Lucania: Rest + Recharge

Last night, the two called in to report high spirits and sunny skies, with a touch of gusting winds up to 20mph/32kph. A recipe for a rest day. Beginning week two of the journey, Lonnie and Pascale enjoyed a day to recuperate in their Hilleberg the Tentmaker 'home on the ridge'. Although settled at 12,200ft/3719 m, they carried all of their supplies ahead and are gearing up for a big weekend of climbing. Stay tuned for updates.

Listen in to the latest audio message sent from the mountain via Globalstar:

Photo in video from fly-in by Lonnie & Pascale, Kluane National Park & Reserve, YT.

Special thank you to support sponsor, Exped USA for providing the waterproof vapor-barrier for their footgear and sleeping bags, designed to prevent freezing condensation on high-moisture areas in extreme cold conditions.

Another special shout out to support sponsor, Woolrich for sending along warm, sheepskin and wool plaid bomber hats for wear at night and during the daytime treks.

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