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Lucania: Facts and Metrics

Here we go... for the nerdy or weight weenies in you. We've had time to dial our systems while we wait... Plan is to fly-in tomorrow!!!

Total Fly-In Weight: 590lbs (including us 2 humans)


- electronics: 12lbs (crazy! we've since pared this down while we waited)

- food: 70lbs (that's 1.4lbs of food each/day)

- clothes we are wearing: 26lbs (including boots)

- skis: 28lbs (14lbs each pair with bindings & skins on)

- gas: 42lbs (that's 24oz/day + basecamp supply)

- balance: climbing gear, basecamp food, wet ones!, wands, sleds, meds, etc.)

Pulling in sled: 100lbs each

Thanks Granite Gear for making strong bags of all sizes that fit all our needs. Love those Air Zippditty sacks!

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