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Gearing up for a Winter Climb: Tasty Energy Bars

This energy bar packs a punch. It’s really easy to be creative too – tweak it to use your favorites. We typically plan on 2 bars a day per person. The bars stay soft, even in extreme cold. Ingredients: Equal parts of by volume: Crunchy peanut butter Sesame butter Unsweetened shredded coconut Fine diced apricots – use cranberries or any other dried fruit Whipped honey Instant oats Half the volume as above: Clarified Butter

Preparation: Heat everything up in a large pot on the stove just for mixing purposes. Mix well and transfer to cookie sheet and spread out, slightly compact it. Baking: Bake at 325 ̊ F for 30-45 minutes, until looks cooked in the center. Cut into 2.5-3oz squares. Wrap in wax paper – they won’t stick to the wrapper. Enjoy!


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