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Gearing up for a Winter Climb: A “Right-weight” Cook System

In cold weather pursuits, staying dry, hydrated and fed are essential for survival. Having a carefully designed cook system is worth its weight in gold.

We are carrying a lightweight stove board, fabricated from marine grade ¼” mahogany plywood. I choose this over a metal board because it feels better when handling in the cold and is equally strong and light. There is reflective aluminum under the burner to protect the board and reflect heat. The stove legs are clamped to the board and a bungee is used to secure the fuel bottle.

The extra weight of the board system is worth it! It creates a stable platform such that one won’t tip their water, mug or meal in the tent. Such a mishap onto a sleeping bag could spell the end an expedition. The stability also helps with safety when priming and lighting the stove.

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