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Hilleberg Tent's: Tried & True

"I’ve used Hilleberg Tent’s almost exclusively since our 2004 North Pole expedition. Every now and then, I veer off to investigate and test what other tent manufactures are doing and usually come back to my tried and tested Hilleberg. This is not to say that there are no creative tent ideas out there, but for me, it is all in the performance of those innovations over long periods in adverse conditions. How does the tent hold up on long expeditions and from year to year? How comfortable is the inside? Are the zippers easy to find and handle with gloves on? How does it vent, managing frost and humidity? Is the inside a cheery color for those seemingly endless psychological waits for better weather? Is there a place to store and hang things? Do you feel dry most the time? Is it easy to set up and take down in storm conditions? Are the materials and tent poles made of the best fabrics available to handle the extreme elements? Hilleberg has addressed and answered all of these questions, that is why Hilleberg remains my tent of choice”. -Lonnie

Photo: Our Nammatji and Staika at 10,200 feet on Mount Hunter, Alaska - April 2016

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