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Hunter Diaries: Why?

Dupre shares his inner thoughts. Here is an excerpt from his journal prior to heading out on Mt Hunter.

Hunter Diary: 30 December 2016 To say I’m not outright scared would be untrue. Hunter has me at the threshold of my capabilities. So many unknowns…climbing with a heavy pack, route, calories, storm days - and there will be some. I’m going to miss my life if I lose it; next to warm skin, wood fires, and tasty food… but what is life living in wait of warm bread out of the oven each day? It’s not easy to leave; it’s almost harder than the task ahead. There is so much to lose either way. Getting complacent at 55 is not a life for me; movement is life, seeing what’s under the next rock is life, feeling the wind biting at my nose is life. Yet I stand to lose the fruits of life; a great relationship, a cozy home, good friends, future dreams. I love life! Unfortunately one is often on the edge of losing it to experience the most of it. It’s a big yin-yang. We have one life on this little blue planet; to hold back would be a waste.

~Lonnie Dupre Audio and video direct from the mountain are currently being compiled and will be shared soon.

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