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Cold Hunter One: Day 1 - Basecamp

Dupre Sets Off on Solo Winter Climb Dupre left Talkeetna today, flying into the Alaska Range to the base of Mount Hunter (14,573ft) to attempt its first winter solo ascent. Hunter is the steepest and most technical of the 3 great peaks in Denali National Park. It is also known as the most difficult 14,000 foot peak in North America. With blue bird skies and temperatures in the teens, Dupre has decided that now is the time to start. Denali mountain forecasts are showing a decent weather window on the horizon.

“I’m certainly at the threshold of my capabilities. It’s free climbing very steep and technical terrain with a very heavy pack”. Landing on the Kahiltna glacier in winter’s low light and unstable weather is no easy task. In order to land, it has to be calm and clear to take advantage of the small window of sun needed to provide depth of field on the surface of the glacier. Talkeetna Air Taxi’s Will Boardman flew Dupre in. Dupre expects to start traveling towards the base of the Mount Hunter today, after stashing supplies at base camp for his return.

A special thanks goes to his sponsors, each playing their unique part in keeping Dupre alive and well on the mountain. Lead Sponsor - PrimaLoft Performance Insulation, Major Sponsors - Granite Gear and Voyageur Brewing, and Support Sponsors - SPOT, Globalstar, BlueWater Ropes, Mountain Hardwear and Midwest Mountaineering. Dupre, a resident of Grand Marais, Minnesota USA, brings 25 years of arctic and polar exploration to his most recent endeavor.

Image: Dupre at basecamp captured by pilot Will Boardman


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