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Nat Geo: Veteran Arctic explorer and mountaineer Lonnie Dupre has the packing of his provisions down

"Climbing light is essential for the 150-pound Dupre, who plans to max out a 60-pound backpack going up Mount Hunter, considered among North America's most difficult 14,000-foot peaks to scale."

Read more on National Geographic​'s piece on Dupre's Mt. Hunter climb at: Dupre is thrilled to continue his partnership with lead sponsor, PrimaLoft - Performance Insulation. This product is used in his clothing and footwear. PrimaLoft has been used in all of Dupre’s expeditions since 1995. Dupre’s major sponsors include: Minnesota based Granite Gear, which produce serious backpacks and accessories that he has used on his expeditions for over 25 years. Voyageur Brewing Company , his Grand Marais hometown brewery – providing him with strong motivation to come off the mountain alive. Support sponsors include: SPOT LLC personal locator beacon to follow along during the climb, Globalstar providing satellite phone service as Dupre’s lifeline to the rest of the world, BlueWater Ropes for his descent off the mountain, Mountain Hardwear for Dupre’s sleep system, tent, one-piece suit and various other garments that will keep him warm, and Midwest Mountaineering long time support of his projects. Dupre, a resident of Grand Marais, Minnesota USA, brings 25 years of arctic and polar exploration to his most recent endeavor. His accomplishments include the first and only circumnavigation of Greenland and the first to reach the North Pole in summer. The expedition brought attention to global warming’s effects on melting sea ice. Schedule

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