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Vertical Nepal: Syange

The Vertical Nepal crew took off from Kathmandu with Nepali guides Gyaljen and Dendi. After 3 hours of traffic from the Dashain festival, the longest running one of the largest in Nepal, we arrived into Besi Sahar for a total of 9 hours of drive time, only then to load up our Granite Gear bags and hop in a jeep and continue on.

A few hours later of maneuvering nearly washed out roads at no more than 10 mph, we arrived into Syange, a small village set at around 1000 meters (3280 feet). Surrounded by waterfalls and just above a rushing river, the trade out of city noises has already added to the team spirit. Tomorrow we head for Tal which is located at 1700 meters (5577 feet). Right now the team is huddled around the cozy tea house dining table eating momos and dal bhat with ginger tea. Until next time, upward!

Photo by Paul Amos


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