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Willi Prittie has been climbing and guiding for 40 years and it was an honor to climb with him. His stories kept the team entertained as well as motivated for what was ahead.

Willi and Lonnie discussing gear and food for Hunter. Image: Chris Worlow

We learned tried and true techniques for the Alaskan mountains from a veteran that helped pioneer many of the routes here. Willi has led climbs all over the world and organized many climbs for Alpine Ascents.

Willi using the modified ‘Grain Shovel’ he designed for big Alaskan snows that happen in the range. Image: Chris Worlow

Willi has been a professional mountain guide for over 40 years exploring nearly every continent in over 150 mountain climbing expeditions. He’s accomplished 30 Himalayan expeditions (6 were on Mr. Everest), nearly 100 exploring the Andes in South America all the way to the remote mountains of Antarctica and Greenland. His basecamp remains in Alaska as it has been for nearly two decades.

Scoping out the route ahead. Image: Chris Worlow

Final rappel down from 10,300. Image: Chris Worlow



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