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Begguya Expedition: Day 01 Prepping in Talkeetna, Alaska

The Begguya Expedition crew has arrived to the same quaint Alaska town of Talkeenta.

Photo by: Chris Worlow

Photo: Begguya team members (from left to right) Willi Prittie, Pascale Marceau, Lonnie Durpre & Chris Worlow. Read more about the Begguya Expedition team here.

Yesterday was a day of reviewing shared team gear to pare down our total weight. We finalized our climbing hardware, our first aid, the food, the tents.

Lonnie distributed our new Primaloft insoles and socks; so we finalized our footware.

It's so nice to be in Talkeetna. No mistaking we are in Alaska. We sorted gear at the Talkeetna Air Taxi hanger all aft - with the sound of bush planes in the background. We also were lucky to have a blue bird sky view of the Denali, Foraker, Hunter trio on our drive in.

So nice to see Lonnie here... reuniting with his good pals. He's got a wonderful family of friends out here. It's heart warming!

This morning, we just need to pack up the sleds and divvy up the food, ropes and tents.

Looks like we will fly out today and the 2-week forecast is looking promising. Stay updated via Facebook, Twitter and by signing up for the newsletter.

Upward! ~Pascale Marceau

All photos courtesy of Chris Worlow

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