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Begguya Expedition launches!

Native Alaskan’s still refer to Mt. Hunter by its native name Begguya, meaning “Denali’s Child.” Towering 7000 feet above the Kahiltna Glacier, Begguya is the steepest and most technical of the three great peaks in the Denali National Park. Begguya holds both a north summit (14,573 feet) and a south summit (13,966 feet). Known as the most difficult 14,000 foot peak in North America, few people attempt the climb in which less than 40% succeed. Summiting the higher north peak is difficult by any route while it requires the utmost in route. Because of the larger size of our team, we will use a methodical expedition climbing strategy. We anticipate 14 days for the climb, allowing time for Begguya’s temperamental weather and careful progress through many of her trying and potentially dangerous cruxes. Meet the Begguya Expedition team:


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