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Kyajo Ri Summit!!!

At 11:15 am local Nepal time today (October 27), the team (Lonnie Dupre, Elias Andres Martos & Bridget Schletty) summited Kyajo Ri at 20,295 ft (6,186 m). Spot Beacon Coordinates:

You can check the interactive map of the summit at:

The team was reported to have made it to the advanced camp yesterday but were unsure of the push for the summit due to the prediction of heavy winds. However, the weather cooperated as they made their final ascent to the summit around 11:15 am. Photo by Lonnie Dupre of Kyajo Ri:

They're now reported to be heading back down to base camp safely.

During the ascent of Kyajo Ri, the team collected high-altitude snow and ice samples for Adventurers & Scientists for Conservation for studies on rapid glacial recession. Most glaciers are retreating at rates of 10 to 74 meters annually due to climate change. You can read more about the project here.

We want to thank you, our continuing supports and Vertical Nepal's major sponsors:

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