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Leaving Namche

Our mission wouldn’t be possible without our great team. We’ve learned so much about the Nepalese culture through stories and laughter from our homeland team.

Furba Tamang - age 34 (front center) handles all our logistics in communities and communications with porters.

He’s a skilled mountaineer and will represent Nepal as a member of our summit team. Left to right. Purna Tamang - age 52, Bule Tamang - 45 and Chan Dra Tamang - 32 are respected porters in the region and a delight to work with.

Porters have been around long before, carrying supplies in for explorers, mountaineers and for their communities. They are often farmers working as porters for local merchants to bring in extra income in the off season. The team well paid and provided with disability insurance.

We’ve been humbled and enlightened by these guys.

Stay tuned for more stories from the mountains.


Lonnie Dupre

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