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Machermo Stay

The team is currently in Namche on their final rest day. Here's a note from Dupre on the stay in Machermo just the other day.

"In Machermo we stayed at a fine Tea House called Namgyal. There we warmed ourselves around the stove fueled by dried Yak dung patties.

A few of these grass pies were pre-soaked in kerosene to get the whole works going.

We drank ginger tea to help with our dry throats from the mountain air. We always seem to talk about the amazing things we'd seen that day along with how we each were handling the altitude.

Bridget found a little Sherpa admirer named Puspa. I believe she was 4 or 5. Bridget had fun teaching her basic english and in return bits of Nepalese.

Though our stay was short they cemented a quick bond."

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