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Our team is resting in Namche after being between 16,000 and 17,000 feet for a week. This has us acclimated both for altitude and the physical trials we expect during our climb of Kyajo Ri (20,295 ft) in the coming week. We hiked up and down multiple valleys since being here trying not to get gored by passing Yaks. Actually they are mostly docile unless steered by Yak drivers to get moving.

While acclimating north of Gokyo we searched for a potential route up Tenzing Peak just east of Cho oyu. The clear days revealed that Tenzing is virtually unclimbable from the Nepal side. The cruxes include over-hanging cornices at the summit, ice-falls and potential avalanches you can’t see coming. We are weighing out our options for next spring whether to approach Tenzing from the Tibet side or look for another objective.

After our recon of Tenzing I took rock samples at our furthest north and high point for Adventurers and Scientist for Conservation. The rock samples will be tested for microbes. Later I hope to take both snow and rock samples from the summits of Kyajo Ri and Ama Dablam.



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