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Granite Gear & TRIFC

Image: Michele Korfhage

Granite Gear donates piles of backpacks for the Vertical Nepal expedition! Through, these backpacks will be filled with essential supplies and donated to Nepali children with disabilities during the Vertical Nepal expedition. The expedition is preparing their departure to Nepal on October 3rd, just a few weeks away!

Image: Robert Rose (Trifc)

In preparation for the journey, the Vertical Nepal team has begun organizing it's non-profit work in conjunction with the expedition. Trifc's 'Reaching New Heights' dinner event raised $20,000! Lonnie Dupre spoke on the details of the Vertical Nepal expedition's involvement with TRIFC. Rob Rose, president of TRIFC gave an update on the recent situations in Nepal since the earthquakes took place. TRIFC continues its support in their various locations with many different projects. You can support them at their website: Stay tuned via our social media(Facebook / Twitter / Instagram) as we'll be posting regularly from now on throughout the Vertical Nepal expedition!

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