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Basecamp Arrival

Photo: Dupre Basecamp Arrival - by John Walter Whittier

Lonnie Dupre called in around noon to Talkeetna with a weather report coming around Heartbreak Hill on Denali.

Two planes, an otter and beaver, loaded up and took off in hopes of returning with Lonnie.

From the town of Talkeetna to the range, into Denali the weather changed rapidly. Both planes kept on with hopes of making it to basecamp, but were both unable to land on the Kahiltna glacier(basecamp) due to extreme winds.

We did however get the 'ski pole' wave from Lonnie just arriving at basecamp during the flyovers.

His plan is to feast on the mass of suplies he had buried at basecamp from his initial departure. Weather permitting we will pick him up in the coming days.

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