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West Buttress Ridge - Denali

Dupre called today at 15:57(CST) via his satellite phone at 14,200ft.

He started his ascent from 17.2K to the summit at 5am Alaska time, arriving at 20,320ft(Summit) 2pm and arriving back at 17.2K at 5:15pm.

For the summit, Lonnie Dupre travelled light. He packed four liters of water, one chocolate bar, one and half packages of shot blocks energy bar and one ice axe.

He left this morning from 17.2K camp at 3:30am with only hours of sleep. He made his way down the West Buttress Ridge in the dark, descending all the way to 14.2K camp. Dupre packed his cache at 14.2k and is now on his way to 11.2k for the evening.

We should be recieving more information from Lonnie this evening.

Another big thanks to our major sponsors:

Granite Gear / Hear in America / Primaloft

And to everyone for following and supporting Lonnie Dupre's endeavors. You are an extreme motivator for Dupre and a large part of his sucess.

Thank you!

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