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Life on Ice, an incredible adventure read that recounts Dupre’s life with the Inuit people and his travels by dog sled, ski and kayak. This book covers 25 years of Dupre’s polar exploration, including the world’s first circumnavigation of Greenland and One World Expedition, a summer expedition to the North Pole that reached 68 million people worldwide. He has also worked with and gathered data for organizations such as the National Geographic Society, Greenpeace, the Explorers Club, the National Snow and Ice Data Center and the U.S. Department of Atmospheric Sciences. In these decades of Arctic travel, defying death countless times, Dupre reveals the secret of survival in a world with quickly shifting weather patterns: respecting nature in all its elements, and living in sync with the world we inhabit. The guiding force behind Life on Ice is the same as the impetus for Dupre’s expeditions: the desire to make a difference in the world. *Autographed

Life On Ice: 25 Years of Arctic Exploration

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