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First Meals

January 2, 2015

Last night Dupre enjoyed his first dinner in 5 days. He spent over two hours hunting for his cache at 10k due to heavy fog. After finding it Lonnie downed a couple of Epic bars, loaded up the sled and headed back to his tent at 11.2k for a full meal and warm rest.

With temperatures well above average for this time of year, Lonnie struggled to keep dry with freezing rain and wet snow. For the first time in history, a robin was spotted just days ago in in Bethel, Alaska, in the dead of winter. Read more on that story here.

Today Lonnie is using the calm winds and sunny Alaska weather to continue his journey up. He's planning on dropping gear while acclimating up to 12k and head back down to his last camp at 11.2k for dinner and a sleep.

Photo: Monovita

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